This post (like most of my posts) is inspired by a great conversation I had with a group of female members not too long ago. We were talking after a class about their fitness goals. All of these women are very fit but they still have body composition goals.

Trouble is, they hop between fitness strategies.

One day they take a strength-based class, another day they take a spin class, yet another day they go for a long run or spend 40 minutes on an Elliptical.

While they workout nearly every day they don’t necessarily train every day. There is no focus in their strategy.

While chatting I made the comment that it would be awesome if they devoted the next 12 weeks to getting more diesel (Stronger!) Forget about all the extra “stuff” and simply focus on getting stronger. I am willing to guarantee that they will be very happy with the body composition results at the end of the 12 weeks.

This was met with the common question of, “Isn’t it all about variety?”

Nope, Not at all.

If your goal is to lose weight, take 1 month and get your crap together and get your nutrition in order (Eat your protein and vegetables!) If you are serious you won’t ask about “Cheat Meals.”

If your goal is to get stronger, learn the basic lifts (Squat, Deadlift, Split Squat, Push Up, Pull Up, Farmers Carry) and repeat a few times per week for three months. If you really need to run you can add some sprints a few times per week. What I mean is, go to a football field, sprint 50 yards, take a couple minutes to recover, repeat 6 – 10 times.

If you need to gain mobility and move better take a few months to learn some of the kettlebell lifts (Turkish Get Up, Swings, Squats, and Snatches.) And don’t forget your bear crawls!

Point is, the best way to get mediocre results is by losing laser-like focus on your goal. One of my favorite coaches, Dan John, uses the line from the title of this post:

The Goal is to Keep the Goal the Goal.

Don’t be a Goal Hopper! Focus on accomplishing one goal, then move on to the next!