In my attempts to post at least 3 times per week I realize one important thing. I need a recurring gimmick. So here is mine. I will write weekly about a few things everyone can do to become just a little bit more nifty.

As you leave the training floor at Impact you have to pass under a sign that reads “I Just Got Better!” This is a reminder that every time you train you should strive to get just a little bit better at something. Way back in the day when I was an intern at Holy Cross we had the same sign as the athletes left the weight room. Every single athlete would reach up…or jump up to smack the sign as they left. This was part of the culture. They recognized the importance to getting better every day.

  1. Turn the television off 30 minutes before going to bed

Seriously, turn off the tv, pick up a book, or maybe even just chill for a bit before going to sleep. Unless you get a consistent 8 hours of sleep each night you are not getting enough sleep. And even if you do get enough sleep, it might not be quality sleep. And while the time you wake up is often times dictated by your schedule (or the time your kids start bouncing around), the time you go to sleep is much more under your control.

2. Drink one more glass of water per day

This is a big one for our Impact co-owner Beth Concaugh…And she’s absolutely right! Whether your goal is weight loss, athletic performance, or anything in between, if you are not properly hydrated then you are limiting your potential. Talk about low-lying fruit! Want to lose fat? Drink more water! Want to become a better athlete? Drink more water! There is still more work to do once you are properly hydrated but at least you took the first step. Here are a few tips that seem to work for many people:

    • Have one glass of water every time you eat
    • Fill up a big bottle (equivalent of 60 – 80 ounces) with water and be sure to drink the whole thing. I have a 32 ounce bottle and I try to fill it up and finish it twice per day.

3. Give someone a high five every day

This is a Martin Rooney inspired one. One of the cool things about being a coach is I get to give frequent high fives. Give it a try. Give someone a high five today. And put some effort into it. I’m not talking just a little tap of palms (or fist bump for that matter). Make it a hearty high five! Bonus nifty points for anyone who gives a high five to a random person at the grocery store! Oh, and I believe the low five is the King of the fives. So I suggest saving those for greatest life altering accomplishments!