The Art of Coaching.

The FIRST thing you need to know about coaching is that it is a two way street, the client and the strength coach are both responsible for the task ahead and the desired results.

That being said knowing your clients is key, their age group, sport, male or female, and every other variable under the sun is what is going to determine if your clients, and your coach are going to reach the goals of having a successful and healthy season/ year. For example if I tell you to reach your hand as high over your head as you can…go ahead do it (I’ll wait)….Now reach higher. You will find some way to get your hand a little bit higher no matter what. That’s how coaching works, you may work hard on your own but a coach can help your reach higher.

Buying-in. Is easier said than done, the only limiting factor during a workout is yourself. These reasons can span from fighting at home, you broke up with your girlfriend/ boyfriend, drank too much and didn’t get enough sleep on your friend’s sofa. No matter what kind of coaching is done you are not going to have a successful work out. If you have the same amount of focus on the coach as you do on the ball during the game you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Buying-in, is not all about mental it is obviously physical, I mean we are in a weight room after all. Going through the motions is a lot different than concentration on doing it right. The corrective exercises built into your program are so that you feel less banged up during the lift, after the lift, and most importantly during life. The exercises are designed and tailored so that you can be more successful in your field of play or daily life. The coaches around you got into the professions for the passion of helping athletes and clients succeed, and the sooner you buy in the better off you will be.

JUST ASK. Communication between athletes/clients and coaches is what is makes the fitness world go round. “Coach why am I doing this wall sit and reach between sets: because we are trying to realign your hips correctly so that you can move more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury. Coach why am I doing trap bar deadlifts: because we want to develop power and strength in your lower body specially your posterior chain ( glutes, hamstrings, ect) because that is the main driving force when you stand up and sit down. Your coach will be happy to answer your question and show you the right way to do things, that’s why they coach.

Keep lapping everyone on the couch K.Duffy