Last week I wrote about a few things everyone can do to immediately be more nifty. I know I have been giving much better high fives in the past week. Here are three more things you can do to become more nifty:

  1. Be more deliberate during your warm-up. You don’t have to go crazy and spend too much time warming up, but most could slow down a bit and focus on the movements. This is the time to improve your mobility, activate muscles, and just plain move better. As a coach I can always tell how coach-able an athlete will be when I see them warm up. I always want to see athletes and adults go to full range of motion on every rep.
  2. Take some time to plan and prep your food. The best time to do this is on Sunday. Take a couple hours, pour yourself your favorite beverage, put some good tunes on, and cut up your veggies and cook your protein. This step, in itself, will dramatically improve your nutrition compliance. Here’s a good suggestion for the tunes:

3. Support your local farmers. Summer is coming up fast so that means the Farmers  Markets will be starting in a month or so. Find a local farmers market and buy all your produce directly from the source. Many markets will have meat, eggs, fish, chicken, etc as well. During the summer months I generally only head to the grocery store for tea. The great thing is, you can ask the farmers questions about how they raise their animals and their general farming practices.