This post is inspired by all the people who ask about the latest nutrition trends they see reported on the news, online, and by friends and family. I often chuckle at some of these reports because nutrition should be simple. We have needed to eat since the very beginning of our existence and we have done a tremendous job of figuring it out, despite the fact that the interwebz and google machine are relatively new within our existence. Anyway, here is a not at all comprehensive list of all the nifty nutrition information out there in media land:

  • We have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to eat mostly meat, veggies, and fruit when it is in season. Applying this “Paleo” Diet will help you lose weight while optimizing your health.
  • Crap, I guess the Paleo Diet has been “debunked.”
  • Eggs are bad
  • Eggs are ok but only have 1 per day and maybe only a couple yolks per week
  • Eggs are the absolute most perfect food and should be eaten as often as you want
  • Butter is bad
  • Butter is so freakin good that it can be eaten as a candy bar!!
  • You should eat every 2 – 4 hours to keep your metabolism revving
  • You should eat three squares a day
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
  • Breakfast actually isn’t all that important and intermittent fasting will help you lose weight and optimize your health
  • It’s all about calories in, calories out
  • Calories don’t matter, it is all about food quality
  • The China Study is a definitive analysis of the best human diet
  • The China Study has been debunked
  • Sugar is the cause of all modern diseases
  • Fruit contains sugar therefore we shouldn’t eat fruit
  • Fruit is great for us
  • Sugar is natural and isn’t really all that bad
  • Soy is a great health food
  • Eating soy will lead men to grow boobies

I’m reminded of a question a new member asked a few weeks ago. After talking about her current nutrition habits she asked me what is the one thing she should absolutely avoid. I told her that the one thing to avoid is avoiding things. As it turns out a more appropriate answer would be to avoid the media.

I want people to strive for establishing a healthy relationship with food. Having a healthy relationship with food will allow you to go to a birthday party or a summer bbq and eat some not so healthy food and not feel bad about yourself because you know tomorrow you will be back at it, eating a healthy diet.

So my point is, go on a media fast, and eat what you know to be healthy. Tremendous results will follow!



  • Lisa brown

    Awesome Mike. So true.