So I’ve learned something over the past 6 weeks or so…It’s wicked hard maintaining one of these bloggy things. Anyway, this week as a sign of solidarity with some of our ingoing Freshmen athletes I decided to take on the Manchester United fitness test. Couple quick notes:

  1. It sucks
  2. REALLY bad!

Anyway, many schools will administer the test slightly differently but here are the rules I am following:

  1. Sprint 100 yards
  2. Recover by jogging 100 yards back to start
  3. Each sprint starts on the minute
  4. The first ten must be completed in 25 seconds, leaving 35 seconds to get back to the start line
  5. Each subsequent sprint must be completed in one less second, leaving a whopping one extra second to recover.
  6. My goal is to complete 22 rounds

I tried this for the first time on Monday knowing I wouldn’t do very well. As it turns out I completed a whopping 3 rounds. (yes I just realized I’m using whopping twice in the same post!) On Tuesday I doubled that to 6 rounds. I will make my next attempt tomorrow morning. Yesterday I did 6 50 yards sprints on the Woodway Force Treadmill on the top of each minute. My goal is to complete 22 rounds by next Saturday.

I do think too many athletes use much too much of their off-season training preparing for fitness tests at the expense of becoming stronger, more powerful, and more durable. So long as a solid baseline of fitness is maintained it will not take long (2-weeks ish) to be ready for a typical fitness test.

How’s that for a set up to my real point. After three days of training for this test I found myself completely pooped today. But I still wanted to get some good work in. Enter more minimalist training. Here was today’s workout:

  1. Goblet Squats – 32kg x 10 reps
  2. Kettlebell Snatch – 20 kg x 5 reps ea

I started each exercise on the minute and completed five rounds (ten minutes total.) After ten minutes I did 50 squats and 50 snatches and now feel tremendous! Plus, the entire workout lasted just a few minutes more than it took to listen to this song:

And yes, I do often time out workouts based on how many nifty ditties I need to listen to before I finish.