Over these last bunch of years I have been heavily influenced by the work of coaches like Dan John and Pavel Tsatsouline, among others. I think the primary reason they have so much appeal to me is because of their minimalist approach to training. There is definitely a beauty in a program of Goblet Squats, Kettlebell Swings, and Turkish Get Ups. These are all movements that need to be practiced, can never be perfected, and require a tremendous amount of focus to perform well.

They will also help you lose fat, build muscle, and feel awesome!

Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Awesome!

That’s what it’s all about, right? About one month ago I attended a seminar in Boston and Martin Rooney was one of the presenters. I thought he nailed it when he said everyone who walks into a gym wants to accomplish a combination of three things…Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Awesome!

I think I’ll come back to that theme quite a bit on here. Anyway, back to minimalist training. I wanted to share a great minimalist workout that is a regular in my training program. It is simple but very effective.

  1. Perform 1 Turkish Get up each side
  2. Then Perform 3 – 5 Chin Ups
  • Perform 10 sets

Here are the rules:

Don’t rush

Focus on great technique on the Get ups

Get your chest to the bar on your chin-ups

If you are unable to perform body weight chin-ups then do band assisted chin-ups.

If you are just starting with Turkish Getups then perform body weight get ups.

By the end you will have completed 10 Turkish Getups and 30 – 50 chin-ups.

So let’s go through the checklist:

Will this help you lose fat? Absolutely!

Will it help you build Muscle? Indeed!

Will you feel Awesome and Energized when you are done? Hell Yeah!