You’ve already taken some time to read about us, our training methods and you know this is an effective program designed for any fitness level. Maybe you’re just not sure we are the right fit for you and your goals or if it's too intense for your current fitness level. That’s perfectly understandable.

The best way to know if Impact is for you, is to give us a try. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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Impact is a community-based environment that is your alternative to large commercial, overcrowded gyms.
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  • Certified Coaches

    Each of our classes is led by one of our professional and certified coaches.

  • Varied Workouts

    Each workout combines a variety of different movements into a full-body, high intensity, engaging workout.

  • Complimentary Fitness Assessment

    The best way to get started is by scheduling your complimentary fitness assessment and consultation with one of our coaches. At this meeting you will learn what we do here at Impact, share your goals and concerns, and find a membership program that works for you.

  • Results

    Nothing ever seems the same, yet the system is strategic, smart and structurally based for results.


Dawn Ianelli

I had been working out for a few years with no real consistent results. I knew that I needed to commit to a program and stick to it if I wanted to reach my goals. Impact’s classes and times worked w...

Alison Corwin

I’ve belonged to many gyms in the past, but Impact is the only gym that’s given me the results I’ve been looking for! The classes drew me in. Every class offers an amazing and effective workout...

Roger Preston

When I started with Impact, I was at the heaviest weight of my life. I knew I had to get serious about losing weight, and that I had to do it the right way: by eating better, but also including a rigo...

Nadine Hill

After the birth of my third baby, I wanted to get my body back in shape. Before having children I was a big runner, but I knew I no longer had the available time to train for long races or use running...

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