Roger Preston

When I started with Impact, I was at the heaviest weight of my life. I knew I had to get serious about losing weight, and that I had to do it the right way: by eating better, but also including a rigorous program of exercise while avoiding a regiment that simply involved a starvation or fad diet. I wanted to build muscle and endurance while losing weight. I wanted a program where at the end, I would be fit and in shape, not just weigh less.

After 9 weeks, I’ve lost 20 lbs while increasing muscle percentage and decreasing fat percentage significantly. I’ve also increased my cardiovascular endurance. I don’t get out of breath simply by climbing stairs anymore. There are other programs that might drop the pounds faster, but they are often structured around an extreme diet without providing the means to become physically fit. With these other programs, you might get thinner quicker, but won’t build any muscle or get in shape. And the minute you stop the diet, the weight returns. With Impact, I like the fact that they provided me with exactly what I asked for: a personal trainer that provides a combination of cardio and muscle building improvements, not just one or the other. I’ve not only built up muscle, I’ve increased my endurance and lowered my heart rate. Impact also provided me with the additional program I requested: a nutrition plan. I since tweaked this plan to my own needs, and it’s working. The nutrition plan showed me how to substitute a few meals with protein shakes that help me repair and maintain muscle after a workout, and gave me meal plans that incorporated improved nutrition. Impact Functional and Sports Training listens to what you ask for and provides all options: a combination of weight training, cardiovascular and nutrition. This is the right way to lose weight. The personal trainer assigned to me provides just the right level of pushing me harder and motivating me to stick with the program


Nadine Hill

After the birth of my third baby, I wanted to get my body back in shape. Before having children I was a big runner, but I knew I no longer had the available time to train for long races or use running as a means to achieve my goals. By coupling smart training at Impact along with nutritional changes in my daily life I have been able to meet my initial goal and continue to set new ones as I move forward.

In just 4 months of training at Impact, I have lost over 40lbs and started to gain muscle. I have gone down 4 sizes thus far. I have way more energy when playing with my kids, and more confidence in my athletic abilities. I enjoy my mornings at Impact. It is my "me" time, and I appreciate the relationship I have with Anthony. He is motivating and knowledgeable and makes working out fun! I also appreciate and utilize the nutritional advice I receive. They have really worked hard to fine tune my eating habits to help me achieve my goal. The check-ins on my food journal has been very helpful in guiding me to make better choices and keep me on track. If you are on the fence about joining Impact , come in and check out a few classes and experience it for yourself... I think you’ll love it!


Robynne Cucinotta

I went to Impact because I needed to lose the weight I had gained during my pregnancy and knew that I couldn’t do it by myself. In 3 months I lost over 25 pounds and can see muscles now that I never saw even when I was a college athlete. I have gone down 4 pant sizes and feel confident in a bikini again. I have more energy than ever which is important when you have a 10-month-old baby. I feel amazing and couldn’t be happier. I crave the workouts at Impact!

I love the intensity of every single workout and the attention you get from the trainer coaching it – everyone is there to get results and get pushed to your limits. The group classes focus on every aspect of your body and you never know what you are going to be doing. From sleds to ropes to TRX exercises to jam ball slams…this is a true training facility that has all the tools you need to transform your body. I also love getting all the data about my health, not just the number on the scale, but information about my metabolic age, body fat%, muscle mass, etc. each week. The friendships I have made at Impact have also helped keep me motivated and wanting to work out every day! The childcare in the mornings makes all of this possible - I honestly don’t know what I would do without Impact in my life! If you are serious about getting healthy, getting results while transforming your body, feeling amazing, and really pushing yourself to limits you didn’t think possible, JOIN Impact! If you are looking for a place to watch TV while you “work out” then this is not the place for you.


Kristy Beaubais

Dawn Ianelli

I had been working out for a few years with no real consistent results. I knew that I needed to commit to a program and stick to it if I wanted to reach my goals. Impact’s classes and times worked with my schedule and having worked out with Anthony before I knew that he would push me and keep me on track. I tend to give up, make excuses and slack when I don’t see results right away. Not only did he work with me during the classes, he consistently kept in contact with me to keep me motivated and focused until my results started happening

began in January 2013 and in 5 months, I lost a total of 30 pounds. I went from a size 12 to a size 6. Not only did I lose weight and inches, I am also stronger, more flexible, and have increased endurance. I feel better about how I look and feel and my confidence has grown. Thanks to Impact, I realized with hard work, focus and commitment that I could achieve what I had been struggling with for years. Impact has a variety of classes that focus on strength and cardio. To be able to take these different classes at different times, helped to create muscle confusion. My body never got use to the same workout and that helped me achieve my best results. Plus having a trainer in all of the classes pushed me to never give up or to slack. I was constantly asked to do more and even when I did not think I could do it, I did. They had faith in me and never asked me to do something that they did not think I could achieve and they were right every time. If someone was on the fence about joining Impact, I would tell them that the sooner they join, the sooner they will start to achieve their goals and see results. All they have to do is commit, focus, trust in the Impact trainers and results will come. I have tried everything for 5+ years to lose weight, get stronger and gain endurance. In only 5 months after joining impact, I achieved everything I wanted!!!


Alison Corwin

I’ve belonged to many gyms in the past, but Impact is the only gym that’s given me the results I’ve been looking for! The classes drew me in. Every class offers an amazing and effective workout in a short amount of time. Impact has helped me by making me accountable and giving me the support I need. In just 4 short months I lost xx % of body fat and xx lbs of fat and competed in my first figure competition. This was a goal I had for over 5 years and Impact helped me to achieve it.