What Clients Are Saying About Impact

Roger Preston, 56 yo, Wellesley

When I started with Impact, I was at the heaviest weight of my life. I knew I had to get serious about losing weight, and that I had to do it the right way: by eating better, but also including a rigorous program of exercise while avoiding a regiment that simply involved a starvation or fad diet. I wanted to build muscle and endurance while losing weight. I wanted a program where at the end, I would be fit and in shape, not just weigh less.

After 9 weeks, I’ve lost 20 lbs while increasing muscle percentage and decreasing fat percentage significantly. I’ve also increased my cardiovascular endurance. I don’t get out of breath simply by climbing stairs anymore.

There are other programs that might drop the pounds faster, but they are often structured around an extreme diet without providing the means to become physically fit. With these other programs, you might get thinner quicker, but won’t build any muscle or get in shape. And the minute you stop the diet, the weight returns.

With Impact, I like the fact that they provided me with exactly what I asked for: a personal trainer that provides a combination of cardio and muscle building improvements, not just one or the other. I’ve not only built up muscle, I’ve increased my endurance and lowered my heart rate.

Impact also provided me with the additional program I requested: a nutrition plan. I since tweaked this plan to my own needs, and it’s working. The nutrition plan showed me how to substitute a few meals with protein shakes that help me repair and maintain muscle after a workout, and gave me meal plans that incorporated improved nutrition.

Impact Functional and Sports Training listens to what you ask for and provides all options: a combination of weight training, cardiovascular and nutrition. This is the right way to lose weight. The personal trainer assigned to me provides just the right level of pushing me harder and motivating me to stick with the program.

Elina Glazer, 37 yo, Wayland

I was getting bored with a traditional workout. I felt like I hit a plateau and wanted a new challenge.  I tried a free class at Impact and for the first time in a while I felt my muscles really sore (and I was already exercising 3-5 times a week at a regular gym prior to trying the class). I knew that this program would challenge me in ways that traditional gyms simply cannot.

My body fat dropped 9% and my overall muscle tone improved. I lost about 18.5 lbs in about 8 months and I haven’t even been dieting since joining Impact. I feel healthier and happier overall.

Being a busy mom of 3 with a full time job, Impact fits very nicely into my schedule. I go 3-5 times a week in the early am for 45 minutes a class and achieve results I haven’t been able to achieve in several years. It gives me a boost of energy for my entire day. All the trainers are great and very motivational.

Meghan Seaberg , 35 yo, Sudbury

After my third baby I was having a tough time losing the weight. I am not very self-motivated when it comes to exercise, so the group classes at Impact are great for me.

I’m now much stronger, toned & have lost almost 15 pounds. (Still have a long way to go though!)

For me, I need someone ‘watching’ me to keep me motivated. I also like the feeling of being in it together, as a group. I feel the other clients push me to want to do more each week- and its fun, even when I’m completely exhausted! The trainers are all so great. They motivate and understand your areas of weakness, help you work around them and strengthen them. They also make sure you are doing things the correct way so you don’t injure yourself.

If you are looking for a gym, just give Impact a try - once you see how great you feel, you will be hooked!

Leah McCullough, Athlete, Georgetown University, Soccer

I tore my ACL, and since I was going into my freshman year playing Division 1 soccer, I knew I would need to enter a program that could give me the best possible preparation. I also knew that this kind of program would allow me to learn a lot about my body to ensure that this kind of injury never happens again.

I achieved a lot over the 4 months I trained at Impact. I went from just being able to slowly jog to cutting, jumping, and sprinting. Although this is still a work in progress, I find myself slowly getting my confidence back, which is very relieving and nice to know.

I like best having someone pushing me to my limits, which many times are further than I think. Even though much of the time its not very fun, I always feel accomplished at the end. Every time I learn something new about myself and what I can do, and this, for me, is very motivating.

At Impact everyone is so welcoming and truly invested in what they do, but also in what you are trying to accomplish. If you have a goal, the trainers will do everything they can to help you get there. They also want to make sure that what you're doing has a purpose and is smart in order to prevent long/short term injuries. Impact is the perfect environment for anybody who is simply just looking to get better.

Kristin Hilf, 51 yo, Sudbury

I was in a rut with my self-directed workout. I wanted to gain strength for my horseback riding hobby and my good friend kept raving about Impact.

While I have lost weight, I am more excited about the strength that I have gained and the effect of the program. I’m more clear headed and focused at work and my riding instructor has noticed a big improvement in my riding.

I love the motivation, community and encouragement from the Impact trainers. They help with form and push you to go beyond yourself. And they don’t take excuses – not in a negative “in your face” way, but if someone (me) complains about travel or weakness or “I can’t”, they motivate you to work through it with a positive approach.

It sound corny, but joining Impact is life changing. As a result of joining Impact, I’ve changed my diet (and my family’s). I’ve lost weight and I’m stronger. While it may seem intimidating to join a small class of younger, more athletic people, everyone is friendly and there really is a sense of community that I have never found in any other “gym”. (By the way, I hesitate to call Impact a “gym” when talking to people as it’s not like BSC, Thoreau, etc. It’s more of a life training facility, which sounds pretentious- but is more descriptive of Impact!)

Richard Johnson, Athlete, Worcester State University, Football

I had worked with Anthony in the past and saw great results from the training. As soon as I tore my ACL, the first thing I said was "I need to go back to Impact!"

I have seen a monumental increase in my explosion, leg power, overall speed and conditioning since I started training at impact.

The best thing about the program and working with the trainers at Impact is that it humbles you as an athlete. Most programs are tough in the beginning, but get easier as you get used to it. This training never gets easy.

If you are looking for a program that will push you to your limits and shape you into a better athlete, look no further. And if you do decide to train at Impact, you are making a commitment to push yourself and make the most of the time you have here. It will not be easy, but the results you will see will be well worth it! (By the way, I hesitate to call Impact a “gym” when talking with people about it, because it’s not like a BSC, Thoreau, etc. It’s more of a life training facility , which sounds pretentious, but is more descriptive of Impact).

Teleia Farrell, Sudbury

The workouts at Impact are different than any other gym. Since joining Impact, I have developed much more muscle and am in better shape overall.

I love the variety of workouts and the energy in the facility. If you are seeking a workout that will truly challenge you every day and generate results, then Impact is the facility for you.

Robynne Cucinotta, 36 yo, Sudbury

I went to Impact because I needed to lose the weight I had gained during my pregnancy and knew that I couldn’t do it by myself.

In 3 months I lost over 25 pounds and can see muscles now that I never saw even when I was a college athlete. I have gone down 4 pant sizes and feel confident in a bikini again. I have more energy than ever which is important when you have a 10-month-old baby. I feel amazing and couldn’t be happier. I crave the workouts at Impact!

I love the intensity of every single workout and the attention you get from the trainer coaching it – everyone is there to get results and get pushed to your limits. The group classes focus on every aspect of your body and you never know what you are going to be doing. From sleds to ropes to TRX exercises to jam ball slams…this is a true training facility that has all the tools you need to transform your body.

I also love getting all the data about my health, not just the number on the scale, but information about my metabolic age, body fat%, muscle mass, etc. each week. The friendships I have made at Impact have also helped keep me motivated and wanting to work out every day! The childcare in the mornings makes all of this possible - I honestly don’t know what I would do without Impact in my life!

If you are serious about getting healthy, getting results while transforming your body, feeling amazing, and really pushing yourself to limits you didn’t think possible, JOIN Impact! If you are looking for a place to watch TV while you “work out” then this is not the place for you.

Emma Palumbo, Athlete, St. Anselm’s College, Lacrosse

I decided to join Impact because I wanted to prepare for my upcoming lacrosse season. I wanted to get faster and stronger so that I would be more confident on the field and to prevent injuries. I knew Impact could help me train to be the best athlete I can be.

Impact has helped me commit to training for lacrosse year round. I have felt much more confident on the field and I am stronger and faster now. I feel prepared going into college knowing that I can train myself.

The coaches at Impact are very encouraging and push you to work as hard as you can. They care a lot about each of their clients and are willing to help you in any way they can.

To anyone that is thinking of joining Impact, I would definitely recommend it. Impact works with clients of all ages and there are so many different classes and programs available that everyone can find one that works for them.

Emma Hardimon, Athlete, Stanford University, Soccer

After an ACL tear and surgery, I wanted to increase my strength to get back into shape for soccer and to prevent further injuries.

After just a month and half at Impact, college coaches were commenting on my increased speed and strength on the soccer field. As I continued to work with Impact, I began to see improvements on the field including winning more tackles, getting to balls earlier and having a stronger shot.

I really enjoy the variety of classes Impact has to offer. Some days I want to be doing the heavy lifting, some days a mix of metabolic and strength and other days I feel like spinning. With Impact I can find the class I’m looking for every day of the week.

They understand the importance of technique, but also know how to push you to work your hardest during every exercise. I always leave class feeling like I’ve completed an intense workout. They’re also extremely nice people who are fun to have a conversation with as you are stretching after a workout.

Every class can accommodate all levels and every class is fun. You will always work hard and Impact gets results! Whether you are an athlete trying to improve in your sport or someone trying to get in shape, Impact can help you achieve your goals.

Romonda Antico, 51 yo, Marlborough

I joined Impact because I needed a change from the typical gym workout and thought that group training would push me to work harder. Trying to keep up with the younger members or do better than the workout the day before makes it fun!!

I have seen amazing results. I have felt the change in my mental and physical self. I am willing to try new exercises I once thought impossible. I have a positive outlook on new classes and trainers.

I especially like the group classes and that you get a total body workout. The trainers at impact motivate and encourage you throughout the classes and are all great.

If you are considering joining, give it a month and you will see a huge difference in your overall outlook as well as feel much healthier. Impact is a very welcoming place – people of all abilities can succeed.

Tom Edwards, Athlete, Connecticut College , Swimming

I decided that I wanted to step up my game. I needed to keep getting better so I trained at Impact and that is exactly what happened. I want to make myself a better athlete and I decided that it was time for me to make it happen and bring my game to the next level.

I have raced my best times ever since I started at Impact and I have also been able to add a lot more muscle to my body. My cardiovascular endurance has become better. I feel as if I’m in better shape and I have excelled even more in my sport.

What I like best about Impact is how you get to know the trainer on a personal level and it definitely helps because they are great at what they do. They help with technique and the programs that they create are perfectly suited to my sport. They spent their time researching and are determined to make me (and my group) better.

If you are considering Impact, just give it a go!   Try a couple classes here and there. There is no harm in trying it, but if you decide that you do like it, then you have to fully invest yourself in it to truly maximize your results.

Ali Joseph, Athlete, George Washington University, Lacrosse

I wanted to make sure that I would stay fit and strong during the off-season so I joined Impact. I know that although the programs are hard work, there are obvious results. I’ve become much more fit and much stronger.

My overall body shape has changed for the positive. My footwork and agility technique greatly improved over the time I was at Impact. I saw a lot more fluidity on the field. Plus, my strength greatly improved and because of that, I improved my game.

At Impact, the coaches always take time to get to know you and to learn what you want to accomplish. Then they work with you to create a program to help you achieve your goals.

The coaches also take the time to learn about your past injuries and “set-backs” to work with you to get stronger than before.

Lastly, the coaches always push you hard which is good when you don’t think you can.

It is hard work, but you get what you put in. Although sometimes it seems tough – you DO see results.

Jen Rossi, 40 yo mom, Sudbury

I am a 40 year-old mother of two school-aged boys and much to their disbelief when I was growing up, never played an organized sport. In 1988, when in the 8th grade and looking for some sort of exercise program, I found step aerobics. From that point on, I have been hooked on group exercise and can safely say that I have tried them all.

My job out of college had me travel the country. In 1998, I joined a club in Burlington, Vermont with a new class called “cycling”. In 2001, I was taking boot camps at the New York Sports Club Wall Street that were over the top. By 2006, I was in bar bell classes premiering in Houston. I have been doing barre classes before there was “Barre” and kickboxing before there was a bag. I love the music, teachers and group camaraderie in classes– you will never find me on a treadmill.

That said, I recently won several different month memberships to local gyms in Wayland, Sudbury, Acton and Concord – and as expected – tried them all. My many years of gym hopping have made me quite picky and critical. I am looking for the best of the best; a high caliber class with an inspiring teacher, invigorating music, and the chance to give one hour of my day to be pushed out of my comfort zone without injury and come out feeling amazing. And the winner of that criteria goes to Impact – specifically their Spin Classes – which mix weights, core work and downright hard cycling to make what I consider the all-time greatest class around.

I am a sucker for a free trial class, but I think those days are done. I may have just found the perfect class at Impact.

Kyle McGiver, Professional Horse Rider

I had a program I really liked in Florida. When I moved home to Sudbury I was having a hard time finding a good fit for me that was close and not crazy expensive. I really wanted something that pushed me and wasn’t boring. Basically, I wanted a program designed for me, and my goals (horse riding, running, weight training.)

These are my recent fitness accomplishments after working with Impact:

I did my first Spartan Race and felt completely prepared

I ran my fastest half marathon (1:54)

Ran my fastest 5K (23:52)

Lost body fat

Climbed a rope!!

I like having a personal trainer because we can customize my training to my goals. Impact has a system that is proven to work. I really think HIIT training is an effective way to improve athletic performance and cut body fat. I think the warm-ups Impact does are also really helpful to reduce injuries. I’m going to miss my trainer, Curtis. He’s mature beyond his young years!

Henry Guild, Athlete, Yale University, Lacrosse

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • Named to the All-American team in Lacrosse
  • DCL All-Star - Lacrosse & Football
  • Boston Globe Player of the Week -         both Lacrosse and Football
  • Boston Herald All-Scholastic Team Member - Lacrosse
  • ESPN Boston Boys Lacrosse All-State Second Team
  • Top Scholar-Athlete by the Jack Grinold Eastern MA Chapter of National Football Foundation
  • Varsity Football Junior and Senior Academic Award

Impact has given me the opportunity to train more often and more efficiently in a great facility. All the coaches are amazing and always give me great advice. The recovery smoothies are excellent too! This summer, I plan to train hard at Impact every day, so I’m strong and fast when I arrive at college to play lacrosse.

Matt Jackson, 38 yo , Sudbury

I had become bored with my running routine and traditional gym workouts so I joined Impact because I thought that the class-based approach would keep me engaged and motivated.

Since joining, I feel better overall. I was in good shape when I started, but now I have more energy and actually look forward to getting up early and coming to the gym. I like the rhythm of coming to classes with trainers that know me and people who I can relate with.

Any other non-class based gym program is a waste of money. You will get the results you want and have fun at Impact!

Aimee DeArias, Athlete, LSRHS Volleyball

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • 3-time member of Lincoln-Sudbury Varsity Basketball Team and 2-time captain
  • 2-time member of Lincoln-Sudbury Varsity Volleyball Team

Impact has changed my life in many ways. I have grown so much as an athlete not only by becoming stronger but also by becoming aware of the importance of nutrition and recovery. The coaches have been great to work with and have really pushed me to be the best athlete I can be. Their dedication and passion inspires me to continue working hard and continue inching closer to my goals.

Maria Bowen, 48 yo, Sudbury

I joined Impact because keeping fit as I get older is very important. I was also looking for help with my nutrition.

I love Impact because each workout is not only challenging and creative, but also fun. I am the fittest that I have ever been and the trainers keep me motivated. I look forward to each new workout.

Join Impact because they work with the “whole” person – body and mind. It is a pleasure to work with their expert trainers with their enthusiasm and extensive knowledge. Impact offers so many unique classes you never get bored. There is something for everyone and great motivators to keep you on track.

Shigeki Makino, 48, Athlete, Masters Track and Field

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • Gold medal 4x200m Masters World Indoors
  • 7th overall in the world 400m

What I love about Impact is the singular focus of my trainer on making me a faster runner through a combination of work – strength, movements, endurance, and injury prevention. With a customized training program and a differentiated gym built to challenge and develop, I see measured improvements every week I’m there.

When I began, I was in reasonable athletic shape and I had recorded a time of 59 seconds in the 400 meter dash. I had already beaten everyone in my company despite competing against colleagues that were 20 years my junior. From that point, I have worked with Anthony learning running mechanics, nutritional approaches, and strength and movement training. I went from 59 seconds to 53.2 seconds. I saw time improvements every successive meet my first year with Anthony, and qualified as an All-American in the 60m, 200m, and 400m. All of this culminated in a Gold Medal in the 4 x 200m at the Masters World Indoor Championships for Team USA and a 7th overall finish in the 400m.

I am now running times that when age-adjusted far exceed the performance achieved in high school. In fact, my 200m times are the same as the times ran in high school!

If you want to find out what your body is truly capable of, if you want to join a team that is supportive not only in training, but in achieving your goals, and if you want to feel part of a family of athletes cheering for each other, Impact is exactly for you!

Greg Mauldin, 32, Professional Hockey Player, currently playing for HC Fribourg-Gottéron of the Swiss Nationalliga A (NLA).

I’ve been training with Anthony for 7 plus summers now. I come back year after year because he gets me the results I want and need as an athlete. He is passionate and dedicated as a trainer, he’s always looking to grow and because of that I know he’s giving 110% to any client showing that they want to improve!

Greg’s Bio:

Mauldin played with the Boston Junior Bruins of the Eastern Junior Hockey League in 1999 where he showed his talent and explosiveness on the ice while earning consecutive First All-Star Team selections and the Eastern Junior Hockey League MVP Award in 2000. In 2001 he moved on to UMass Amherst where he accumulated 94 points in 98 games and led the Minutemen to the 2003 Hockey East Championship game. After three successful seasons with UMass he joined the Columbus Blue Jackets who had selected him with the 199th overall pick in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft and has been playing professional since both in the NHL and Europe.

Ellie Landsman, Athlete, Boston University, Field Hockey

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • NFHCA High School All American - Field Hockey
  • 2-time Member of NFHCA All-Region Team
  • 3-time DCL All-Star
  • 2-time Junior Olympian - 2010 Bronze Medalist
  • Named one of top 96 players in the country

Impact has changed my life in only three months. The coaches and staff are incredibly dedicated and have provided me with so many amazing opportunities. Impact has not only helped me become mentally and physically stronger, but it has also taught me to pay close attention to my nutrition and injury prevention/recovery, which I’ve found is often half the battle of going to the next level as an athlete. The coaches have pushed me past what I thought my limits were and definitely out of my comfort zone, but I know I am on track to be the best athlete I am capable of being.

Cindy Fernandez, 47 yo, Sudbury

I love coming to Impact. There is such a great energy here and everyone is very friendly. But the thing I love most is that I get a workout that is much harder than I could have ever thought I could do. I know the trainers that are training me are very knowledgeable and inspiring. I could see improvements each week in my strength and weight loss. I am very thankful for Beth and Anthony opening up such an awesome place to workout and hiring such great trainers.

Impact is a gym that really cares about getting people in shape and help to push me harder than any other gym I have ever tried.

Nadine Hill, 35 yo , Wayland

After the birth of my third baby, I wanted to get my body back in shape.  Before having children I was a big runner, but I knew I no longer had the available time to train for long races or use running as a means to achieve my goals.  By coupling smart training at Impact along with nutritional changes in my daily life I have been able to meet my initial goal and continue to set new ones as I move forward.

In just 4 months of training at Impact, I have lost over 40lbs and started to gain muscle.  I have gone down 4 sizes thus far.  I have way more energy when playing with my kids, and more confidence in my athletic abilities.

I enjoy my mornings at Impact.  It is my "me" time, and I appreciate the relationship I have with Anthony.  He is motivating and knowledgeable and makes working out fun!  I also appreciate and utilize the nutritional advice I receive. They have really worked hard to fine tune my eating habits to help me achieve my goal.  The check-ins on my food journal has been very helpful in guiding me to make better choices and keep me on track.

If you are on the fence about joining Impact , come in and check out a few classes and experience it for yourself... I think you’ll love it!

Alison Corwin, 38 yo, Sudbury

I’ve belonged to many gyms in the past, but Impact is the only gym that’s given me the results I’ve been looking for!

The classes drew me in. Every class offers an amazing and effective workout in a short amount of time. Impact has helped me by making me accountable and giving me the support I need.

In just 4 short months I lost xx % of bodyfat and xx lbs of fat and competed in my first figure competition. This was a goal I had for over 5 years and Impact helped me to achieve it.

Laura Hoff, 37 yo, Sudbury

I joined Impact in June 2013 after a free trial class through the Sudbury Family Network, and it has been an awesome experience for me. The trainers are motivating, and the group classes are always different, challenging, and FUN!! I love that the MYZONE belt helps you push yourself and also track your progress, and I also love that the schedule has so many offerings that I can always get there (working around my busy schedule with three young girls and all their activities).

Since joining Impact, I am in the best shape of my life, and I am so much stronger and more fit than if I had continued to spend most of my workouts just running. The Impact workouts provide amazing results for core, cardio, and strength.

I encourage everyone to give Impact a try to see what it’s all about. It is not a typical gym, but it’s a lifestyle that makes you feel great about yourself both mentally and physically.

Dawn Ianelli, 40 yo, Sudbury

I had been working out for a few years with no real consistent results.  I knew that I needed to commit to a program and stick to it if I wanted to reach my goals.  Impact’s classes and times worked with my schedule and having worked out with Anthony before I knew that he would push me and keep me on track.  I tend to give up, make excuses and slack when I don’t see results right away.  Not only did he work with me during the classes, he consistently kept in contact with me to keep me motivated and focused until my results started happening.

I began in January 2013 and in 5 months, I lost a total of 30 pounds.  I went from a size 12 to a size 6.  Not only did I lose weight and inches, I am also stronger, more flexible, and have increased endurance.  I feel better about how I look and feel and my confidence has grown.  Thanks to Impact, I realized with hard work, focus and commitment that I could achieve what I had been struggling with for years.

Impact has a variety of classes that focus on strength and cardio.  To be able to take these different classes at different times, helped to create muscle confusion.  My body never got use to the same workout and that helped me achieve my best results.  Plus having a trainer in all of the classes pushed me to never give up or to slack.  I was constantly asked to do more and even when I did not think I could do it, I did.  They had faith in me and never asked me to do something that they did not think I could achieve and they were right every time.

If someone was on the fence about joining Impact, I would tell them that the sooner they join, the sooner they will start to achieve their goals and see results.  All they have to do is commit, focus, trust in the Impact trainers and results will come.  I have tried everything for 5+ years to lose weight, get stronger and gain endurance.  In only 5 months after joining impact, I achieved everything I wanted!!!




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